15 SEO Tips for Your Online Business

Are you an online marketer? Are you searching for tips that can help you grow in your business? If your answer to the question is ‘yes’, here are the suggestions for you by RankingBYSEO (Rankingbyseo.com).

 The tips are as following:

      1. Don’t submit your website to search engines.
      2. Go through webmaster guidelines and webmaster help videos.
      3. Use Google webmaster tools.
      4. Set up a Google+ page.
      5. Create engaging videos and submit them to YouTube.Com.
      6. Develop content for your target readers and not for search engines.
      7. Target only practical keywords.
      8. Keep keyword density less than or equal to 3%.
      9. Link your content to your Google+ account.
      10. Leave comments on relevant blogs.
      11. Get links to your website from relevant and high authority website.
      12. Don’t give any link to website which has low authority.
      13. Do guest blogging.
      14. Do press release writing.
      15. Be active on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Following these ideas of RankingBySEO professionals would really help your online business, so do think about their implementation. If you want more comprehensive ideas, contact them directly at sales@rankingbyseo.com.


Manage Your Online Reputation with Guest Blogs

Has someone posted anything wrong against you on any review website? Have you been experiencing decline in business since the date of negative review publication? If this is so, I, from RankingBySEO, am going to let you know a great method to make the negative review null & void.

The method that I’m going to talk about is known as guest blogging. It is something that has multiple advantages. Besides reputation repair, it would benefit your business a lot. How? It would help you reach your target audience, obtain top search results rankings, and brand building.

However, guest blogging is not an easy thing and would benefit you if you do only high quality guest blogging. In simple words, you will have to write excellent guest blogs and submit them to the relevant blogs which have high domain authority, PageRank and low Alexa ranking.

Don’t forget about a guest post as that is published but keep checking the same from time to time to see whether someone has made any comment or not. If anyone has made any comment (whether negative or positive), firstly say thanks to the remark maker for giving his view and then put your side. This will help you build up good relation with the reader. Besides, this will encourage other readers to give their valuable opinions about their guest posts. This way you will succeed to establish good relationship with your readers. And with every new blog post, your network will become bigger as with every new guest blog, you will succeed to get in touch with more and more readers.

Besides a big network building, your guest blogs would snatch the first page Google ranking of the negative review as well as provide your website first page Google rankings. So, with one stone you would be able to kill two birds together.

So, don’t think more and involve yourself in guest blogging. If you don’t have so much time, hire us as we at RankingBySEO would do this for you.

Helpful Tricks for You to Promote Your Online Business

Are you searching for tricks that can help you promote your business? If yes, you are at the right place here since here we at RankingBySEO would inform you some proven business promotion tips.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO is the service that can help your website obtain rankings in Google search results. Besides, it can multiply traffic to your website. But for this, it is must that you take organic SEO service.

Pay Per Click:

Pay Per Click can be an outstanding source for you to reach your target audience. The most interesting thing about the service is that you need not pay until anyone clicks on your advertisement and lands on your website. Chances are very low that any non-serious person will click on the advertisement.

Press Releases:

A press release can let the world know about your business without any investment for the same. What? When you write a newsworthy press release and submit the same on any high authority press release submission website, your press release gets attention from media professionals. The media professionals who find your press release worth picking take your press release and give that a place in their newspapers, news websites, and magazines.


Facebook is the social networking website which has billions of users in the world. So, this website can be a great platform for you to earn business exposure. For the same, you will have to create your account on the website and join everyone you know. Besides, you should always try to connect with new people. Share your product details, offers, and company news on your page and request your friends to share the information with their friends. This way you will become a well known name on the social media website that will surely help you in business generation.

These are some of the tricks by RankingBySEO that can help you to promote your business. So, take care of these tricks sincerely. If you want to know such more tricks, write to us immediately. One of the expert SEO professionals at RankingBySEO will soon get in touch with you.

Rankingbyseo.com: Three Simple Ideas to Reach Your Target Audience

In the world of online business, you cannot expect to see your business flourishing until you reach your target audience. There are two ways to reach your target audience: media (electronic and print) and SEO. Taking services of any electronic or print media company is not easy at all for a small business house because a small business can not afford to pay the service cost of the media company. The second alternative, SEO, is really a good option for almost everyone because it is a quite economic in comparison to the first alternative. So, it should not be very much difficult for you to go for SEO services. I’m not writing this blog to discuss what is affordable and what is not affordable but to let you know three ideas that can help you reach your target audience without any investment. I have got these ideas from an SEO expert at rankingbyseo.com.

The ideas are as following:

Create Social Media Accounts:

Create your accounts on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Share your company’s videos, details of your products and services, blogs, articles, news, and offers. Join as many as individuals and groups you can. Request everyone who has joined you on various social media websites to share your shared content with their friends. You know this will do a great favor to you and you will very soon become a well recognized market name.

Publish Blogs:

Write blogs related to your business niche. Keep your blogs short, simple, well-informed, and engaging. Submit your blogs to those blogs which have huge number of readers. You can identify this thing by checking the Alexa Ranking of a blog. Low Alexa Ranking means high visits on website. So, select those blog which you see has low Alexa Ranking.

Submit Press Releases:

Write news about your company, your products/services, and important events related to your industry and submit your press releases on high authority websites.

Post Articles:

Write articles relevant articles and submit them on high authority article submission websites.

Note: Don’t forget to add links to your website from the posts that you submit to high authority websites. Your links will bring traffic to your website and improve the rankings of your Google search results.

If you follow these ideas given by rankingbyseo.com expert properly, you will soon realize a great improvement in your business. So, implement the ideas carefully.

Guest Blogging: What, Why, for Whom, and How?

If I ask you whether you are familiar with blogging, your answer will be “of course, I am”. But, if I ask you the same question about guest blogging, you might look here and there since blogging has become a very common term these days, but this is not the case with guest blogging.

Being well aware with the increasing significance of guest blogging, I have decided to give you some ideas about guest blogging, such as what guest blogging is; why it is beneficial; and for whom it matters.

What is Guest Blogging?

When someone posts blogs on your website or you post your blogs on others’ websites that is known as guest blogging.

Why Guest Blogging

Many reasons are there to write a guest blog, and so reasons that I have for writing a guest blog might differ the reasons that you can have. However, some are the very common reasons that tend you as well as me to write these blogs and they are-

To Obtain Exposure:

Do you know that many blog posting websites get more than 10k visits on every day? So, if you post your guest blog on one of those websites, you can expect that minimum 4k to 5k people will see your blog and name, so you will become able to take your ideas to huge number of people within a few days that will not only bring exposure for your ideas but also for you.

To Earn Credibility:

Credibility matters in every niche. If you have credibility, people will unhesitatingly contact you because everyone wants to deal with a credible person or organization. Instead of going here and there, I simply talk about this blog- if you find my blog credible, you will recommend it to others; else you will read it and forget.

Guest blogging can help you build your credibility, irrespective of your work domain; you can use this method to earn credibility. If you manufacture any product and post guest blogs on various high authority blog sites about that product, you will be able to create your credibility in the mind of people for the same because people believe in that thing easily which comes before their eyes many times.

Building Back links

I did an experiment to see how effective links guest blogging can provide. My experiment revealed that guest blogging is the most convenient and effective way to build high quality and authoritative links. On account of high quality links that your blog has, your blog gets a place on the first page of Google in search results.

To Get More Clients:

Guest blogging can help you provide proper information to readers that can enhance the credibility of your blog for them and encourage them to communicate with you for the product that you offer.

Guest Blogging Matters for Whom-  

Guest blogging has become inevitable in the present world of the internet marketing about which we will talk later, but here we would talk about for whom it matters a lot.

Guest blogging matters for those business houses which are striving for business opportunities, but not getting expected success.

How to Write a Guest Blog

I have my own rules of guest blogging and they have not been failed till now. So, I have decided to use this platform to share them with you so that you can also take their benefit to create awesome guest blogs.

My rules are as following-


The first step that I follow before writing a guest blog is I do extensive research about the subject. My research evolves around various things like purpose of the blog, audience of the blog, blog posting website on that my content is to be submitted, blah, blah, blah….


I pen results obtained by my research and then follow them in course of writing my blog. I put my best efforts to make my blog well-informed, unique, and appealing. When I write my blog for any of my client, I don’t forget creating links with that blog so that my client may get traffic and sales leads.


As you know, no one is perfect in this world, so the same is with me too, and I don’t feel any kind shame to accept this fact. I know it very well that in course of writing I make several mistakes, so it becomes must for me to proof read my blog. After finishing my content, I take a small break so that I can get rid of mental tiredness and become fresh. Now, I start proofreading my content.

Content Submission

Now, it is turn of most crucial aspect of guest blogging that is content submission because if my blog is accepted, it will be a moment of joy; contrarily, it is unaccepted it will break the heart.  I follow every step very carefully before submitting my blog and read the content again before clicking the button submit. I know you can call it my lack of confidence, but I will not protest you and do my job as usually since I know prevention is better than cure.


When my blog is published and people read them, they give their valuable remarks on them. I thank everyone for their valuable remarks. But on the other side, some negative minded people even don’t hesitate to put nasty comments that make me feel bad. I don’t get discouraged with their negative remarks, but try to find some positive points in those remarks that can help me improve quality of my blogs and leave the rest.


Since I know I have written a lot about guest blogging, so at last I will say only that if you own a business that needs more traffic and sales leads, contact my company (Ranking By SEO India) for guest blogging service as it can provide you best guest blogging service at most competitive cost. Visit our website http://www.rankingbyseo.com now.

Web Designing And Content Writing Go Hand In Hand in SEO Promotion

The businesses across the globe have realized the importance of the entity known as the internet. They are hell bent on making the most out of this majestic force that has taken the world by storm. Almost all the operations that the human beings used to perform are now being done by the internet. The reach and the power of the internet is unmatched if compared to the other two media of electronic and print. Thus it was really important that the businesses take the full advantage of the medium and that is exactly what they have done. In order to promote their businesses in the online world the one thing that is needed is a website. The website of the businesses is a window to the rest of the online world. The visitors to the net would see the website of the business in the online world. Thus the website should be attractive enough to make sure that the eyeballs that come visiting the website are attractive enough to make sure that they stay there for a long time.

The next important thing that matters in the case of the websites is the content written on the websites. The more lucid and beautiful the content is the more it would be able to attract the number of eyeballs and get them converted into potential customers. Thus it can be easily said that in the SEO world there are two things that matter the most:

  • The design of the website
  • The content on the website.

The SEO companies need to make sure that they have to work on these two aspects of optimization. The website designing and the content creation. The designing of the website should be attractive and at the same time should also be telling the story of the business in pictures.

On the other hand the content should be such that the people after reading the content should feel compelled to purchase the products or the services being sold therein. If the website design of the business is good and the content written on it is great then the SEO of that website and the business that it is promoting would become a lot easier. If you are looking for a company who not only designs very good websites but also provides top class SEO services, then choosing the best SEO services in India can be a good deal.

If you have any such requirements, don’t forget to visit rankingbyseo.com where you can get all the services under one roof.

All the SEO Work

It is always better to live in reality. And the reality is this that the present age is characterized by the internet. No matter whether the organization is big or small the internet has pervaded every sphere of the society. Every room that can afford to have an internet is having it. Another aspect of internet that needs to be noted is that it is search engines that rule the world of the internet no matter where in the world the visitor to the net is sitting in. In order to traverse the universe of the internet he would have to use the services of the search engines.  And the truth about the search engines is that they list the websites of all the businesses according to the merits of the websites. The better the website is created the better are the chances that the website would be ranked higher on the search engines. The process of optimizing the websites on the search engines is known as the search engine optimization (SEO). The professionals who do the SEO are known as the SEO professionals.

There is a lot to SEO work than what meets the eye:

  • The on page activity like the content posting on various websites. The article syndication exercise etc. The forum posting etc.
  • The off page activity like the back linking to the websites which is a tedious job. The greater is the number of backlincks to the website the greater are the chances of that website getting ranked higher on the search engines.
  • Keyword research that forms the backbone of all the SEO activities across the globe.

Apart from all these activities there are myriad of others that form the backbone of the SEO work. Among all the topics that are discussed above the one topic that is of paramount importance is that of the keywords research. The reason is that the people across the globe when they search for items or articles on the search engines use the keywords. Thus the SEO people have to do tremendous hard work in finding the right keywords by using the various keywords research tools. These tools can help the SEO guys in finding the right set of keywords and keyword phrases.

If you are looking for a professional SEO company, then look no further and contact rankingbyseo.com today.

Why SEO Company is needed?

The only thing that matters the most in the world of marketing is that the businesses should reach the potential targets in the most appropriate ways. In the earlier times while there were only two mediums that were the electronic medium and the print medium in the present times the advent of internet has really eased the process. In fact it has really helped the customers in making the most out of the purchases that they make on the net. The best thing about the internet is that the people can make their replies to the businesses. It is not a one sided affair.

The benefit is vice versa. While on one hand the people can derive benefit from the fact that they are no more at the mercy of the businesses, the businesses on the other hand can really derive pleasure from the fact that they can reach out to their targeted audience in the most authoritative manner.  While the benefits of the internet are derived by the businesses as well as the customers, it is the businesses that would be at a loss if they do not make the judicious use of the net.

Many businesses feel that they can create a website of their own and then market that website on the search engines. But nothing is far from the truth than this fallacy. The need of the people that can really help the businesses in their endeavors to market themselves on the search engines is paramount. It is only the SEO companies that can really help the businesses in getting the most out of the efforts that they make in order to sell their brands. One of the most potent reasons for that is the knowledge as well as the expertise of the SEO guys that can really help the businesses in attaining the top ranks on the search engines.

The other reason is that if the businesses would let the professional SEO guys do the needful then they can focus on their main work. There are many other reasons that are responsible for the importance and the need of the SEO companies. The crux of the matter is that the businesses should let the professional and experienced SEO companies do the job of promoting the sites on the search engines.

If you have finally got an answer to question why SEO company is needed,  you should be interested to hire a professional SEO company. If it is so, contact our company rankingbyseo.com today.

Why companies need SEO

The world is full of surprises. The biggest surprise of the 21st century is the mammoth growth of the internet. Internet has changed the ways tremendously in which the people no matter to which strata of the society they live in make use of. The major uses have been in the field of

  • Business and marketing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment

There are many applications of internet that are used by the people in order to make sure that their work is done completely. The internet lists the various sites of the businesses according to the merits of the websites and the process is known as the search engine optimization.  The people who do the search engine optimization are better known as the Search Engine Optimizers. There are many businesses and organizations in whose opinion the job of SEO is an easy job and can be handled easily, but this is a much distorted fact. The reality is that job of the SEO should be done by the professionals themselves.  There are several reasons for that

  • The one reason is that the algorithm of the search engines is a complex entity. Only the experts in the business of SEO know the ways of the algorithms.
  • The SEO is a complex process. It involves a lot of acts like on-page and off page activities as well as the keyword research and many other things.
  • The process of SEO also involves the writing of the content like the articles and the blogs. This can only be done by an expert SEO writer.

Apart from the above stated reasons there are many other reasons that indicate that the job of the SEO should be done by the SEO professional. The one thing that really matters the most is that the businesses should get the maximum amount of exposure on the net. This is only possible if the website of the business is ranking high on the search engines. Only those websites rank high on the search engines that are optimized optimally.

Thus it is essentially required that the businesses should get their SEO work done by a reputed professional company like rankingbyseo.com

Being an Online Writer

One of the most difficult tasks in the world is that of a writer. The writer is a person who is a visionary and at the same time has a great command over the language in which he writes. Being an online writer is a different story in itself.

An online writer is a person who is of a different breed in itself. He is the person who has the power of the words that he uses as well as has the knowledge of the online world which in itself is a different entity. The one thing that the online writer really needs to be focused upon is that he has to be the one who has to carry the burden of the expectations of the client as online writing is his bread and butter. There are basically three kinds of online writers:

  • One who writes for the client’s business
  • One who is a freelancer and writes for SEO firms
  • One who writes just for fun

Among the three categories the first two categories are the ones that are the most difficult ones. If you are selling a product or in other words are writing a promotional article then you have to take care that the write up whether a blog or a promotional article has the power to make the reader go to the client’s website. Another thing that such a writer has to be sure of is that he has to make sure that he is using the keywords that are sent to him by the technical team judiciously. He has to be sure that the people he is writing for should read the article or the blog and then follow the links to the website that he is writing for. The use of the keywords should be such that the reader should not get any hint that there are some words or phrases that are being repeatedly used by the writer to capture the eyeballs or are forcing him to follow the links that are connected to them. In other words the keywords should come in flow with the write up. The quality of the content also has to be kept in mind.

The second category of online writer is the one who works as a freelancer. He does not write promotional articles selling products and services. He writes about the various events that are taking place in the online world. He is approached by the Search Engine Optimization firms to write for them as he is well familiar with the ways the search engines like Google operates. He also has to keep himself updated with the latest of updates that take place in the online world.

Whether it is writing for a business or writing for an SEO firm the one thing that really needs to be kept in mind is that both kinds of writing are difficult but interesting. They involve a lot of creativity and a passion to play with words and to forget the knowledge about the subject that he is writing about.

If you are looking for a professional writing company, rankingbyseo.com is there to help you.